Tinel - פיגמנטים לגבות -  B1 "Black ice" - 10ml

Tinel - פיגמנטים לגבות - B1 "Black ice" - 10ml

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В1 - pigment "Black Ice" for permanent eyebrow makeup. One of the darkest shades in the brow palette. Hybrid composition (organic + inorganic). The shade is black-brown. Gray base. Suitable for brunettes with dark hair and ashy blondes. Not recommended for use on oily, capillary skin. Suitable for permanent eyelid shade techniques. When the needles are configured with large tufts, a shade of brown may be obtained. Due to the application technique, it is possible to make both a translucent effect and a decorative and visage permanent.

Ready to use. After healing, the remainder remains up to 80%. Supplied in a tinted plastic bottle, round. Volume 5 and 10 ml. Production of the Republic of Kazakhstan.