Tinel - פיגמנטים לגבות -  CU "Chestnut"- 10ml

Tinel - פיגמנטים לגבות - CU "Chestnut"- 10ml

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CU - pigment "Chestnut" for permanent eyebrow makeup. Hybrid composition (inorganic + organic). Pigment to cover the unsuccessful color of previous works. It can also be used as an independent eyebrow pigment, also for decorative techniques. Green base. Ideal for overlapping pink, red, orange eyebrows. Also ideal for capillary, red skin. In the overlapping technique, it is used if the permanent makeup does not go beyond the natural boundaries, the asymmetry of the eyebrows is not too pronounced and the color for the correction is not black and blue. Due to the application technique, you can make both a translucent effect and a decorative and visage permanent. UV resistant.

Ready to use. After healing, it retains the remainder up to 100%. Supplied in a tinted plastic bottle, round. Volume 5 ml. Production of the Republic of Kazakhstan.