World Famous Ink - Oleg Shepelenko - Color Realism set (16x30ml)

World Famous Ink - Oleg Shepelenko - Color Realism set (16x30ml)

World Famous
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World Famous Ink - Oleg Shepelenko - Color Realism set (16x 1 oz) - color set ideal for realism tattoos developed by the favourite manufacturer of a tattoo inks on the market and world famous member of their ProTeam, Oleg Shepelenko.
Individual shades can also be purchased separately.

Set includes:

  • - Peach
  • - Blush
  • - Medium Skin
  • - Light Skin
  • - Soft Yellow
  • - Kremlin Copper
  • - Dark Skin
    - Blood Red
  • - Brick
    - USSR Red
    - Redwood
    - Cloud Blue
  • - Sea Blue
    - Light Green
    - Leather
    - Deep Green

World Famous Tattoo Ink inks are a new international hit among tattoo inks. They are popular mainly due to their high pigment content, easy skin application, and their ability to remain rich and vibrant even after healing. These inks have achieved top rankings for tattoo inks on the market in only a short time. WFTI colors are produced and sterilized in the USA, have valid certificates for use in the EU, and are suitable for vegans.